Ride, Sleep, Repeat - Mountain Unicycling the Tramuntana Mountains

Posted by Rocco Schulz on Sat 06 June 2015

I decided to take my new QX 27,5″ Mountain Unicycle on a 3 days / 100km test ride through the Tramuntana Mountain Range along the GR221 trekking path (aka Dry Stone Route) on Mallorca.

Note that cycling is not permitted in an area north of Valldemossa, which is only an issue when going from north to south. Otherwise most of the restricted area is uphill and not ridable anyway.

A Hawk Moth on the tramuntana trail

A Hawk Moth on the tramuntana trail

Music: Rübert – Paper Birds (free download: https://soundcloud.com/r-bert/r-bert-paper-birds)