Above Ancient Ice

Posted by Rocco Schulz on Sat 05 July 2014

Florian and me hiked up to the Schreckhornh├╝tte (2530m) from Grindelwald (1034m) in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland to attempt the first unicycle downhill ride on this highly alpine trail. We started our trip hoping for a fascinating scenery with the glacier below the famous Eiger and some challenging trails.

We were expecting a trail which is somewhere in between impossible to ride and just doable. We hiked up 1500m to the Schreckhorn hut where we spent the night. It was the shortest night of the year and so we got up way too early to capture the sun rising above the surrounding peaks.

The ride down was fun, even though parts of the trail were absolutely impossible to ride.
I had an uncontrolled dismount on a steep section and saw my unicycle flying towards the cliff right after I landed on my feet.The unicycle fell down the cliff and disappeared somewhere on the glacier 50m below. There were still several km ahead so we decided to climb down and search the lost unicycle.

We were lucky to find a way down and to actually find the unicycle just a few footsteps away from a large gap in the ice. It was damaged, but still rideable.

Riders: Florian Kaiser, Rocco Schulz